about us

Crazy Atlanta is the first "Travel Spot, Restaurant & Bar" worldwide by The Crazy Cities. Crazy Atlanta has been a proud member of the Restaurant/Bar and Event Venue community in Atlanta ever since its inauguration in August of 2015. Since then, owner George Malagón and the Crazy Team have been constantly improving the Crazy Brand to bring  the people of Atlanta and its tourist the best experience possible. 





"Street food, not fast food"

Our Crazy Chef Leo Carrasco brings the world's most popular Street Food dishes to Crazy , including our Southern chicken wings, New York style pizza, wraps, Gyros, Philly cheese steaks, Tex-Mex, burgers, empanadas, and more. 

Crazy Atlanta is also home of some of the Craziest Drinks, including the Crazy Secret Shot, the Crazy Mamasita, The Crazy Cities Drink (6 liquors and no mixer!), and many more.

The Crazy Cities is an online hub providing travel tips and entertainment for over 100 cities worldwide. Its mission is to translate its online content to its physical locations. 


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